Film Club 2000 is a weekly nudge to watch less garbage.

Just like you can choose to eat junk or eat healthy, you can choose to spend your time with the latest throwaway Netflix series or with cinema that nourishes your soul.

Each Sunday I send three films and why I’m enthusiastic to watch them, with the hope that this enthusiasm carries over to you. This is prefaced with some word on what connects each week to the next. Because, you know, it’s about the journey.

But I can’t possibly watch three films a week?!

That’s okay! While it would be awesome if the films we saw happen to coincide, I’d be equally happy if you saw just one film you wouldn’t have otherwise, or even if you were inspired to choose your own three films (and told me about them, of course). It’s also worth noting that Tom Cruise watches one movie a day and I hear he’s pretty busy.

Is there any consistent theme at play here?

I try to make each week a vaguely associated triptych, although the vagueness of this association exists on a sliding scale. More concrete themes (like selections of particular filmmakers) run concurrently over successive weeks.

So how is this a club?

It’s as much a club as you want it to be. If you have a response to a film, or want to make a recommendation, there’s a threaded comments section on each post, or you can reply directly to me. Or maybe you really don’t have the time and just want to live vicariously? I make no judgements.

Why “2000”?

It was important to have the club seem cutting edge. And 2000 is clearly better than zero.

Where do I find the films?

I recommend the streaming services MUBI, Kanopy and SBS On Demand (Australia only). JustWatch is capable of finding films to stream/rent/buy in your region. Otherwise I leave this in your capable hands.

But emails distress me.

You can subscribe via the RSS feed and read everything just like a blog: